Equipment Rails

Equipment Rails

Product Description

Equipment rails are structural supports designed for applications where no penetration of the roof is required. These supports are manufactured of galvanized steel, have continuously welded seams, mitered corners and a high load-bearing capacity. Reinforced with factory installed 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 wood nailer and flashing cover ensures air and water tight construction.

Fully Customizable Options

  • Heavier Gauges
  • Canted, No Cant or Raised Cant
  • Pitched or Double Pitched
  • Additional Internal Support

Special Applications:

  • Pipe Roller Support
  • Duct Pedestal Support
  • Utility Set Support

Series 100 – For Built-Up Roofs

For non-insulated roof decks with a fully mitered 3” corner and integral cant.

Series 200 – For Insulated Built-Up Roofs
For insulated roof decks with a fully mitered 3” corner and stepped cant to match deck insulation thickness.


Series 300 – For Existing Roofs
For all types of roof decks.


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